Jesus and the Monk

One day, Jesus was sitting in the shade at the foot of a mountain. A monk came to rest in the shade. He sat across from Jesus.

“Which path is the best way to the top of the mountain?,” Jesus asked.

“There are so many paths and journeys to choose from,” the monk replied. “So few ever truly make it to the top.”

“If you knew THE path was before you, you would ask me and I would lead you,” Jesus proclaimed.

“There is no path in front of me, and you have no supplies to climb,” the monk replied in a confused manner. “What path do you speak of?”

Jesus explained, “if you only knew that HERE is where the mountains bow, then you would see that the path is simple.”

“How can it be?” the monk asked. “Who can make the mountains move?”

“YOU have the faith to move mountains, but in MY NAME the mountains bow,” Jesus exclaimed.

Puzzled, the monk asked, “but if the mountains move, how may I reach the top?”

“Again I tell you, the mountain has come to you.” Jesus answered. “There is no need to climb.”

The monk shouted, “how can you say there is no need to climb? My ancestors say honor is found at the top.”

“Truly I tell you, honor has come to meet you today.” Jesus said smiling. “You have always done what is right and what is true, but the TRUTH is not yet in you.”

With tears in his eyes, the monk fell on his knees. He cried out, “Please let me know the TRUTH, and may you find me worthy of honor.”

“I tell you, the TRUTH has always known you, but NOW you know the TRUTH.” Jesus answered. “Honor is your name.”

“Nothing I could do, yet honor found ME!,” the monk rejoiced. “Shame is but a distant memory.”

“Yes,” Jesus agreed! “You have found the path under the shade of his glory.”

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